Mulch Calculator. How much mulch, topsoil or gravel do I need?

Mulch Calculator

Calculate how much mulch, compost, topsoil, or gravel you need in cubic yards. See the Mulch Calculator Below. 

Simply fill in the numbers below and convert mulch to cubic yards. This calculator can be used for gravel, mulch, or topsoil. They will all have the same measurements.

Below the calculator are recommended mulch depths.

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See Mulch Depths Below

          Most mulch yards sell mulch by the yard, so here's how to figure how much you need. Also, putting down mulch isn't an exact science. As a rule of thumb, listed below is what is considered normal depths. Remember, its not going to be an exactly perfect depth everywhere. That would be crazy.
  •  Mulch 2 inches deep- Light Dressing for color. If you already have a mulch base to retain moisture, this will give the beds some color.
  • Mulch 3 inches deep- Pretty typical. Will help with the moisture and give good color.
  • Mulch 4 inches deep- Pretty thick. Go with this amount if you are putting a brand new layer of mulch on bare ground or switching mulches. This will make sure you get enough down that you wont see through it.
  • Mulch 5 + inches deep - Pretty much overkill and a waste of your weekend time and money. Unless you are putting it on a playground for kids, in which case its gonna get flung around everywhere and you might want a softer cushion. In fact, the minimum playground requirements state you HAVE to have it a certain depth (anywhere from 6-12 inches) depending on how high the fall height.