Be Careful Aerating Cool Season Lawns in Spring. Weeds will Germinate!

Be Careful Aerating Cool Season Lawns in the Spring - Weeds Will Germinate!

The biggest potential issue you may have when aerating your lawn in the spring is weed germination.

Throughout your lawn, there are weed seeds everywhere the soil.

Each year, in order to keep weeds out,  pre-emergence is put down in the spring. This prevents the weeds from coming up by putting a chemical on upper layer of the soil that doesn't allow these weed seeds (or any seed, including grass seed) to germinate.

When you aerate, you are pulling pieces of soil out of the ground, and turning the soil over. This breaks the
pre-emergence barrier, allowing seeds to germinate.

Aerating will also bring weed seeds that were a little deeper in the soil, closer to the top, granting access to daylight and moisture, providing a perfect home for these new seeds sprout up.

Cool season grasses will get overtaken with weeds over summer.

This is the reason why you do not want to aerate cool season grasses in the spring. Once the weeds germinate, they will continue to strengthen over the summer and  the cool season grasses will not be able to compete with the weeds over the hot summer, resulting in a weed infested lawn once summer comes around.

The opposite is true in the fall, when weeds are dying out heading into the winter, and cool season grasses thrive.

Cool season grasses include tall fescue and kentucky bluegrass.

Don't be the person this summer standing with hand-on-hip, staring at your cool season yard wondering how all those weeds got there. We just warned you of one innocent way it happens.

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