When to trim Azaleas? Right after the Big Bloom!

Azalea Pruning

When you see the wilted azalea blooms, its TIME TO TRIM.

When is the best time to prune your Azaleas?

Most people love an Azalea's spring blooms. But once your Azaleas are done showing off, did you realize your that Azaleas should really be cut back as soon as they are done blooming?

Prune Azaleas Right After they Bloom. Don't Wait til Summer or Fall. Why?

Believe it or not, the best time to trim your Azaleas is right after they finish blooming for the spring. When you start seeing the blooms bend over and wilt, you'll know its time. This is because by the middle of the summer, your azaleas will already have their buds set for next year. 

New Growth on an Azalea
That's right. The flowering buds are in place and will sit there for about 10 months before they bloom again in the spring. So, pruning them early will promote new growth, which means more flowering buds, before they set.

However, if you cut Azaleas back too late (mid-June and on), you risk compromising next spring’s bloom by cutting off the new buds.


Azalea Trimming Tips:

    Tip1. Do not sheer Azaleas. Sheering Azaleas will result in uneven “twiggy” growth.

    Tip 2. If you have an old Azalea that is very overgrown, you can cut it back/cut it down dramatically to get the Azalea back in maintainable shape.

    Tip 3. If Azaleas have become very woody, cutting them back  increase blooms, and also reduce the plant's risk of disease.

    The correct way to prune an Azalea is to trim it back to the main branch
    Tip 4. When pruning your Azaleas, make sure all the branches are healthy. Check for any fungus or cankers that may be present. If you notice any unhealthy branches, cut the unhealthy branches back to healthy white wood to increase overall plant health and increase the Azaleas lifespan.






    Don't Wait

    So remember, once you have enjoyed your Azalea’s spring bloom, prune them back before the summer heat sets in.

    Trim the Azalea at a good spot on the main branch and watch it fill out!
    If this is something you don't want to mess with, let one of our landscapers help you out! Feel free to give us a call at  866.228.5324 or click this link- Landscaper. There is also a direct link at the top of this page.